Property development with Abodem custom home builders

Abodem are property development specialists grounded in the benefits of custom home designs. We work across the property development spectrum from dual occupancies through to multi-unit developments.

Property development can feel daunting and overwhelming. As custom home builders, we will guide you through the process, identifying opportunities, adding value and avoiding pitfalls. At Abodem, we offer an end-to-end service for property development, working on our proven framework to seamlessly move your project from initial site assessment/feasibility through custom home designs, town planning and subdivision applications, demolition, surveys, site investigations, permits and on to building works and completion.


Confidence and certainty

Done right, property developments can be personally rewarding and financially lucrative. The key is understanding and minimising potential risks and profit leakage. You need confidence around costs, timelines and outcomes, so you can proceed with certainty. Our emphasis is on maximising your profit. Whether you’re capitalising on a large block or wanting to redevelop an existing site, we ensure you get the best possible quality build and distinctive design that culminates in a fabulous property with great returns.

Custom home builders are positioned to help you make the most of your lifestyle and wealth creation potential through property development. If you find (or are already in) the right home – situated within your ideal location, close to friends, great school, shops and cafés – then renovating or demolishing to build a new home is a smart move. With savings in stamp duty, selling costs, moving fees and potential resale value, the numbers often stack up to an excellent proposition.

And, by opting for one of our distinctive custom home designs, you can be sure your new home or extension fully utilises your block and optimises the orientation, potential views and resale value, while ensuring compliance with ResCode.


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