About Abodem Custom Home Builders

Abodem is a residential design and build practice. As Geelong builders, we offer new abodes, custom builds and developments throughout the Western Suburbs, Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula. We are local builders with integrity, big vision and a distinctive approach.

Custom home builders do it differently. We provide an alternative to the predictable mainstream new home market. Our drive is to deliver a product emphasising liveable spaces and functional design – abodes that are worth living in, that merge truly beautiful aesthetics with family lifestyles, sustainability, contemplative design and occupant wellbeing.  

Formed in 2016, Abodem (formerly MAClaren Homes) was born out of founder Mark Crewther’s deep passion for the building industry. We have always been about creating inspired living solutions for families making the investment of a lifetime.

We are much more than custom home builders. Beyond our own range of abodes, we have aligned with architect firm Melbourne Design Studios (MDS) to offer our clients a collaborative architectural design and build service. MDS are masters in contemporary architecture and design, and share our passion for eco-logical sustainable design.


Why Abodem

Why Abodem Geelong builders?

Our tailored service truly matches your unique vision for your home or development.

If you’re frustrated by cookie cutter design and process, you’ll find our approach energising and exciting. No more feeling like a round peg trying to fit in a square hole. We shape the hole to fit you – your lifestyle dreams, your functionality needs, your budget and your personal aesthetic.

We pride ourselves on being a reputable, quality master builder. Our workmanship and inclusions set us apart from the typical “vanilla” home offerings that saturate the current market.

Abodem offers unique and adaptable floor plans to suit most common parcels of land. Or you might choose a custom design tailored specifically for your block conditions, taking advantage of our affiliation with Melbourne Design Studios to deliver the abode you imagine.

For each home, every step, every discussion and every decision, a steadfast business ethos underpins our approach – delivering a distinctive product that exceeds your expectations in every way.


Mark Crewther
Registered Building Practitioner

About Mark Crewther (Abodem’s founder).

Mark embarked on his building industry journey in 1997. During a career spanning more than 20 years, he has held key management roles in successful volume and project building businesses. Mark regards his time at Mirvac as especially formative in terms of grounding his belief in quality as the core of the building discipline.

Mark saw first-hand the need to offer clients an alternative to the mainstream housing experience. Abodem was shaped by that vision and driven into reality by his deep passion for the interplay of design and build craftsmanship.

“Abodem lets consumers bypass the merry-go-round and avoid the sausage factory mentality dominating the new home market. Instead, they arrive at their desired destination: showcasing and living within their dream home. Abodem embodies my deep beliefs about lifting expectations within in our industry while advancing eco-logical sustainable design/living and occupant wellbeing.”

Mark Crewther.

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