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Customs by Abodem quality custom home builder

At Abodem, we’re driven to build custom homes that break the mould. Homes that stand-out in the street. Abodes that wed “wow factor” and wellbeing to truly merge form and function.

Your new home is an investment for a lifetime. Only a quality custom home builder can offer the distinctive design and finishing touches that transform your individual vision into a true dream home.

Abodem’s custom home designs service embodies our promise to respond to each client’s specific requirements, style and budget. We can (and will) adapt any of our existing designs or work through a brief to cater for your specific land requirements. Our team can produce custom home designs that factor in orientation, site fall, achievable views and your specific lifestyle needs while ensuring all Rescode requirements are met.


Collaborating on custom homes design excellence

Our affiliation with architectural practice MDS (Melbourne Design Studios) lets us offer you a full architectural experience, seamlessly integrated from custom homes design right through to build completion.

MDS Director Marc Bernstein-Hussmann is registered as an architect in Europe and Australia, is an accredited Thermal Performance Assessor and a Certified Passive House Designer

Abodem (formerly MAClaren Homes) engaged and worked with MDS Architects to design a 10-star home, which became The Courtyard House. The ambitious, real-world brief asked us to create a super-efficient, healthy, sustainable home that could be placed within greenfield estates. Together, we responded with an outcome that went on to achieve a Commendation in the 2017 Building Designers Association of Victoria (BDAV) 10-Star Sustainable Design Challenge.

Using our shared passion and understanding, we promise you a home manifesting eco-logical sustainable design/living where you enjoy all the design and luxury offered today, without the costs or environmental burden of heating and cooling costs.

Melbourne Design Studios


Artist Impression only: The Courtyard House - 10 STAR Home

Artist Impression only: The Courtyard House - 10 STAR Home

Artist Impression only: The Courtyard House - 10 STAR Home