Artist Impression only: Image depicts Kobi Black Facade

Hope St Development

Artist Impression only: The Courtyard House - 10 STAR Home

Artist Impression only: The Courtyard House - 10 STAR Home

Artist Impression only: The Courtyard House - 10 STAR Home

Artist Impression only: Image depicts Monsoon Black Facade

Homes worth living

Abodem quality custom builders Geelong

Abodes that stand out from the pack. Homes that embody spaciousness, sophistication and functional, liveable spaces. Lifestyles worth living.

Abodem is a boutique building and design company. We are master builders keenly focused on our clients, our craftsmanship and our capacity to add value to the new home experience.

We design and we build. Seamlessly. We create and we make it happen – new abodes, custom builds and developments throughout the Western Suburbs, Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula.

Eco-logical design/living and occupant wellbeing are at the heart of our business ethos.


Our abodes – meticulously designed with passion and created by true custom home builders

Abodem’s range of abodes includes home designs for everyday land estates. Our difference is simple: we will readily adapt our designs to meet your needs. Whatever’s on your wish list!

We cater to atypical land allotments and conditions, personal style aesthetics and potential views. Are you building on a narrow block, a shallow allotment or a corner lot? Are you seeking a beach style home, an entertainer or a lifestyle abode?

Whatever your checklist demands, we can produce a floorplan, façade and layout to match. And through our Black and White tiered home product range, we can accommodate various budgets. Because that’s what genuine custom home builders do.


Merging master builders and architectural experience

Your new home is the investment of a lifetime. It needs to be extraordinary and uncompromising on quality. It needs to bring your vision to life. If that calls for a full architectural experience, our affiliation with Melbourne Design Studio will make that happen, too.


Property developments

Are you looking to develop property? From dual occupancy through to multi-unit developments, Abodem custom home builders will guide you seamlessly through the process, from site feasibility right through to design and build. Our end-to-end service focuses on maximising your profit, minimising your risks and giving you the best possible outcome.


Abodem: homes that embrace your style, abodes that embody you.